January 31


This past year has been the most emotional and critical part of my journey with the one I love. We’ve cried and held each other tight, knowing life is about today, not the uncertainty of tomorrow.  We laughed and shared stories; we bared our souls and unveiled our deepest thoughts, and fears. We talked about the day we first met and how fate kept us together. I cannot imagine a greater love or a more loving woman.

Linda and I began penning our story during the summer of 2012. It is  a non-fiction novel about two kids coming of age and finding love.  I want to share that story—the good and the bad—with family, and friends. I hope these writings will give insight into what shaped our destiny, and how we became inseparable and forever in love. Click here for a synopsis of our story.


  1. By Steve Schuler (Post author) on

    Thanks Sue, it is so hard to comprehend that I will never see her again…at least in this life. I can only hope and remember her love.S…

  2. By Sue Bieneman on

    I hope that someday all the pain will subside, and you will be happy again. I read all your entrys and cry every time. Linda was amazing, but so are you. You know she woundnt want you to be so unhappy. I hope time will bring you peace. I am here, if you ever want to talk. Love Sue

  3. By Pat on

    I wish the best for you in this endeavor. With my first lost I found many didn’t understand and couldn’t relate because we were so young so I stopped sharing. The second time was so devastating that I can’t share much yet and perhaps never will, because again the circumstances are such than not many can understand or relate.


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